Faraday Box For Car Keys

Car key signal blocking boxes to protect your family from keyless car crime.

What Is Keyless Car Crime?

Keyless car theft is the latest vehicle crime wave that is sweeping the country, but how do criminals do it?

1. Thieves Steal Your Car Keys RFID Signal.

A thief will move close to your home to steal the RFID signal from your car through the doors and walls of your house.

2. Your Cars RFID Signal Is Sent To A Second "Relay Device".

This RFID is then sent to a second “relay device” usually held by a second member of the gang that is next to your car.

3. Your Car Is Unlocked Using The Relay Device.

The second device that now has the RFID from your car key will then open your car as if the original key is present.

KeyCradle Protects

KeyCradle protects your car by preventing your car keys RFID signal from being stolen using it’s unique Faraday Box technology. Providing 100% signal blocking for your cars RFID signal.

Simply place your car keys in the KeyCradle and close it to enjoy the peace of mind that your car keys signal is safe from being stolen by the latest generation of car thief.

Here is footage taken from Ring doorbell video footage showing thieves stealing a £90,000 Tesla in under 30 seconds:

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Why KeyCradle?

100% Signal Blocking

Protect your car keys with two layers of  RFID blocking material. We can confidently say that KeyCradle blocks 100% of RFID car key signals.   

Designed To Last

Hardwearing vegan leather benefits our eco-friendly design by providing a non-slip base and a scratch-resistant suede texture.

Stitched To Perfection

No stitch is out of place. Our products are constructed with the utmost care, leaving your KeyCradle finished with precision down to the finest detail.

Designed For Your Home

The KeyCradle is designed to fit perfectly in both modern and traditional homes so you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

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Hand Dropping Keys into KeyCradle Medium Black Faraday Box

Faraday Box For Car Keys

Car key signal blocking boxes to protect your family from keyless car crime.

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